For the last 22 years I’ve had the great good fortune to work extensively with children and adults on the Autism spectrum, in particular those who experience Aspergers. Along with providing individual therapy sessions, I have led Autism & Asperger social skills groups, with a focus on social skills coaching that supports individuals on the spectrum to successfully navigate school, employment and relationships. People with Aspergers tend to have difficulties in three areas: communication, including the reading and interpreting of social cues; understanding their unique and special skills and making the very best use of them; and a tendency to focus obsessively on very particular interests to the exclusion of the greater world around them. Working together, we can figure out just who you are, what’s special about you, and how you can turn your unique gifts into skills that move you into and around the world in a way that works well for you.



We all experience difficulties at times communicating with others, whether it’s a spouse, partner, family member, a neighbor, a co-worker, or supervisor. None of us come into this world prepared to handle the complexities of all kinds of relationships, nor are most of us given the skills and guidance we need to have successful relationships across the board. And yet, we understand who we are in relationship with others, so navigating this sometimes very difficult terrain allows us to better understand ourselves, while at the same time learning to move closer to those around us. No matter what we like to think, we need other people in a myriad of ways. There's nothing I love better than helping people learn to maximize their relationships in safe and effective ways.


I have training and experience helping people live fuller, more independent lives by assisting them to secure gainful employment or access education that they might have thought out of their reach. I'll help you set goals, help you locate the necessary training, help you with your resume/CV, assist in the job application process, and even provide you with mock interviews. 


The informal definition of trauma is anything that occurs to someone that s/he is not emotionally or physically capable of handling. This means that trauma is very subjective – what is traumatic for me may not be traumatic for you. Because I come from a trauma background myself, and have spent most of my adult life learning how to heal from what happened to me, I’m fairly adept at helping clients unpack their traumas, and then to heal from them. We can heal from trauma - regardless of what popular media sometimes makes us think. Human beings are equipped with everything we need to heal from traumatic events and backgrounds, and to become whole in ways we never imagine were possible. This is one of my great joys: to be with people as they rediscover themselves and their own innate worth.

Thanks for reaching out

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L6689) and a Licensed Master in Social Work (M6689) under the Oregon State Board of Licensed Social Workers. If, by chance, you need something I can't provide, I encourage you to continue to seek support at OpenPath Psychotherapy CollectiveGoodTherapywecounsel, or Psychology Today.

​“The computer has helped in so many ways. Unless people are familiar with autism, they may not understand how important. For example, a year ago my son had no language. He had no motivation to talk, but he did have the motivation to get to the computer. When I would block access to it he would attempt to make some sound to let me know he wanted it. Eventually we were able to teach, "I want the computer please." It is a wonderful reinforcer for him, and he is able to learn tasks easier than having to decipher a set of social cues that often is present in a classroom setting. Thanks for all you do!”
Vanessa, Mom of G
"Lorraine is a firebrand. She is a force that draws others into volunteering and stepping up to make a difference. She has been volunteering in community groups, civic groups, and other change making activities as long as I have known her - she is an asset to our community and a mentor to so many. Lorraine has been mentoring me for five years now. I am a woman who has Aspergers and Lorraine has shown me that I have no limits and I am a powerful person."

​​Mary L.

"The work she does requires vision, heart, intelligence, grit and - perhaps most of all - an undaunted ‘yes, we can' mentality. Lorraine exemplifies those qualities. She inspires others to go beyond their limits by continuously, and successfully, stretching her own.”

​​Julie D.

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